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The benefits of Jacketed Lab Reactors and considerations when choosing a system
When scaling up or down chemical processes, good temperature control is vital for reliable and repeatable results. The use of jacketed lab reactors is becoming more popular, to apply heating and cooling in response to reaction conditions, to use ramp rates, investigate agitation, impeller designs and reactor geometry. In this webinar we will discuss the move from dry ice, oil baths and heating mantles and what are the important considerations when choosing a jacketed lab reactor system.

Key Learning Objectives
1. Why use a Jacketed Lab Reactor in chemistry R&D laboratories?
2. What are the common concerns when moving to jacketed reactors for the first time?
3. Which design features are important to get good results and a reliable, robust reaction system

Who Should Attend?
1. Process R&D groups optimising reactions for manufacturing processes
2. Scale Up chemists working on larger batch volumes while maintaining an existing route
3. Chemists experiencing issues with existing reaction equipment seeking to reduce downtime and increase productivity in the lab

Aug 21, 2020 08:30 AM in London

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Steve Bendefy
International Territory Manager @Radleys
Steve Bendefy has over 30 years’ experience in specifying, designing and assembly of jacketed lab reactors. Using this experience, Steve can explain the differences between the various systems and some of the accessories available which solve common issues in chemistry research labs.
Ravi Hosein
Product Manager @Radleys
Ravi has a Masters in Chemistry and joined Radleys after working as an organic chemist in industry for over three years. His role as Product Manager is to look after all things Heidolph, Huber, Reactor-Ready and AVA.